September 22, 2014

Fall Wish List

Sorry for the summer of no posting. Bought quite a few amazing things this summer. Will be putting together a retrospective. In lieu of that, I'm presenting my Fall list of wishes:

Objects without Meaning - I am loving this line and just purchased the Boy jean from Frances May. Now I have my eye on the OM hi-rise skinny:
I love this top, also from Objects without Meaning:

It's hard to not want a couple things from Rachel Comey, however out-of-reach they are. This jumpsuit is sold out almost everywhere despite the $645 price tag:
 This RC turtleneck sweater is beautiful and something I'd have for years. Similarly pricey at $472. Both the jumpsuit and the sweater are made in NYC so that's something to consider with the price.

This list of course would not be complete without a couple items from my friends at No.6. I am loving the new platform base - tried it on while in NYC in july and thought it was much more wearable than i would have imagined, more comfortable even than the high heel or high wedge. I am inclined toward these pretty ones in the amazing new color Fawn:
And I have been on the hunt for a nice pair of wide-leg pants. These No.6 pants are really more palazzo pants but i am still thinking about it. They are at totokaelo:

And I love the new plaids from Creatures of Comfort's fall line, especially this dress available at Bird.

I tried the top version on when I was at Frances May but the fit wasn't for me. It's a great top though and I love the plaid flannel:

More to come soon... I have some bags I am eyeing as well.

May 12, 2014

A detacher Somerville

Something about these shoes I find strangely appealing.

$425 at Lambs Ear Shoes and at Creatures of Comfort. You'll remember, I also loved last spring's version. Guess I should've just bought them then...instead of obsessing about them all over again.

February 17, 2014

New Spring clogs at No.6

No.6 released their new spring clogs and I have been deliberating on which are going to be my clogs of choice this season. Here are the contenders:

The new Two-strap clog on the mid-heel - so simple and i love the large buckle. The low heel height reminds me of those A Detacher sandals from last year. The Indigo color is picture here although it is indistinguishable from black; I assume you can tell the difference in person.

I am also loving the Two-tone clog on the platform base. Whether I can actually walk in them remains to be seen but they are very chic nonetheless.

And the new front-seam sandal is pretty great too. I like it in naked. Although I don't think the wedge base is really that comfortable.

The new blue-grey color called Alaska looks good in almost every style:

They are still updating their site daily with new styles. So be sure to check there often.

February 2, 2014

More Isabel Marant - Kandisa Jacket

Isabel Marant does some sort of quilted jacket every season and one of these years, I am going to buy one. The Kandisa jacket is from the Etoile line but still rings in at a steep $640, steep I think because it is technically a lightweight jacket made of denim. Despite the high price, I do see this is as a classic piece, as classic as one of her linen tees, or ruffle skirts. In general, I have to say that almost all of my IM pieces get worn repeatedly and i get compliments regularly on them. And I have a few pieces that I must say I love more now than when I first got them.

The Kandisa jacket is one of those classic pieces that will be identifiably from her "Japan" collection of SS14 but still simple enough to be timeless. It is almost sold out, so if you want it - act fast. It's available at lagarconne and elizabeth charles.

January 28, 2014

Isabel Marant Etoile Fujiyama Sweatshirt

Next on the spring Isabel Marant wishlist is the Fujiyama Sweatshirt. Black sweat material with simple stitched letters. Pricey at $280? Of course. Amazing over pretty much anything on the weekend? Definitely. As well as with a skirt or dress underneath as it's styled over at Barneys. Only problem is talking myself out of how timeless this would be in 4-5 years time...Hmmm, really?

It is also available at La Garconne in black as well as in off-white with black letters.

January 26, 2014

Back Blogging: Isabel Marant Dempster / Delma Coat

Isabel Marant's SS2014 collection is Japan-inspired and I sort of forgot about this when I was in Seattle over the holidays. While shopping at Totokaelo, I browsed through the IM rack only to spot a very puffy looking kimono-style patchwork coat. Where did this come from? Oh right - Spring product is already here. I instantly moved on and did not even indulge myself enough to try it on --also because I am well aware of my own limitations. Trying it on is akin to purchasing. And since my New Year's resolution involved spending less money on clothes and shoes, ignoring amazing Isabel Marant pieces seemed kind of an essential part of keeping that resolution.

Which would have been no problem - except this coat is now turning up on everyone. Truly - Emmanuelle Alt is kind of everyone. And then when I see the image on Pinterest over and over, rubbing it in and then even on everywoman street style shots from Garance Dore...somehow next step is me filling daydreams with how to justify it.  So to try to keep my resolution or at least to make myself blog more, this week I'll be posting my spring IM want list, the Delma / Dempster Isabel Marant Etoile coat included (By the way, it is named different things depending on the site, think it is Dempster though).

Also - I am aware that this coat is extremely hard to wear, puffy and all, and not nearly worth the $795 price. But if you are Emmanuelle Alt-like enough to pull this off and of course not completely deterred by the price, it is still available at Totokaelo and in limited sizes at La Garconne.

September 29, 2013

New dress from No.6

The Deep V dress in Field Rose by No.6, a recent addition to my wardrobe.